Tram blueZ

             C                                   H(7)
Pale blue screen makes the 7th room blue in the light
       Em                         G
In the silence keeps silence the man from the tonnel 
Cunning eye's burning out the list with the title
Speak, I won't believe you, I know, you're not honest
And I know that I never'll see you again,
Won't forget, will remember, but not in agonia,
Used to run, used to scream in a pale blue temple,
All in past, I am sure, You won't remember
Were together, OK, now time has gone out
Like the other soft words that in world all are finished
Infinity calls me by its lightful darkness,
In the mental trapp I see glitter escape,
All right, we're existed somewhere there,
And you remind to stay, but I am flying...

C       H(7)   Em               G        C
On the round, burning all the bridges behind,
I'm dying, please reply to me, where you are?

And my heart will never bent like an arc
On these damned loops flying near oncoming
Speed of rhytme will fall from 200 to 2
I will never meet you in a frenetic sunset
And the water will dry, and the tears will dry out
And maybe they will turn into tram sounds
And wenn wells of a tram will turn down to sun 
They will take me with them, dying on edge...


Many songs and emotions will be created
By the one to my friends, by the one to my lovers,
And now I'll paint your picture in the most wild colors
And I'll tear it then to become excrucating
I will say: "Farewell!" and forgive for playing
Now I am for you forever dying
You may fly there, above, smiling in heaven
Even if you'll want this, you schoudn't remember me...



Writ'10 by ~InFiNi†y~, 1.09.'04
Translated by Ailen Moon Vampire & ~InFiNi†y~, сентябрь-октябрь 2004

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